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Lumding - Silchar Gauge Conversion Project

Construction of Tunnel 10 (111/7) at Km 100.620 to 103.730 (New Chainage) including approach between New Halflong- Jatinga Lumpur station, for single line BG including earthwork in cutting and filling and construction of side drains and other protection works at approaches of tunnel as perBG standard on diverted alignment in Lumding - Silchar Gauge Conversion Project (Total 3010 RM Tunnel) to be executed on Risk & Cost basis against CA No. CON/S-L/903 dt-17-10-2005 (Tender No. CE/CON/S-L/Tunnel/2004/08/(R&C)(RT).                               

APEX-ABCI (JV), ABCI's Share 49%

  • Category: Tunnels
  • Client: The Chief Engineer/Con N.F.Railway, Maligoan
  • Value: Rs.247,78,95,805.00/- ABCI’s Share: Rs.121,41,68,944.00/-

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